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At Global Quality Institute for Training and development we are passionate about developing skills and improving performance, helping our clients to achieve specific goals and their employees to realise their potential.
We have an extensive training portfolio which can be delivered in a variety of ways; ranging from individual places on open courses, bespoke programmes, to on-on-one executive coaching and consultation. We pride ourselves on our industry leading client retention rate, excellent customer service and our dedication to building and maintaining long term relationships with our clients. We have a proven track record in adapting to companies across industry; from small businesses to multi-national organisations.

We work with our clients to develop the most effective and efficient training programme for their specific needs. We understand that training needs to provide a return on investment and this is why we consistently deliver immediate results.

Of course, no two organisations' training administration requirements are exactly the same, but the experience of our consultants and the in-built flexibility of our system and processes enables us to create a flexible and scalable solution to meet your evolving needs.
We have proven the following benefits can be achieved for many clients:

All in a day's work!
  • Reduce costs and headcount
  • Improve return on training investment through internal staff focusing on coaching and application of learning
  • Re-brand and re-launch the training function
  • Improve administration, reporting and management systems
  • Free up valuable staff time to consult and add value to the organisation
  • Gain greater control of training through more accurate feedback via reports and statistics
  • Enhance staff experience with a higher level of training advisory and enrolment service
  • Improve accuracy and value of training records
  • A management service that can advise and negotiate on your behalf with training suppliers and venues

Global Quality Institute for Training and Development

global gecGQI was established in 2006 under the banner 'Global Quality Institute' by Eng. TawfikSoukieh. With obvious requirements for quality training, state-of-the-art facilities and experienced trainers in Kuwait, it ought to be the most sought-after branch of Global Experience. Currently, GQI  offers specialized training courses and seminars on well over 80 topics worldwide with local and internationally recognized speakers and lecturers.

Training Vision

  • To provide the finest in leadership and executive training, coaching and consulting to professionals so that they can achieve their goals of a profitable and smooth running practice.
  • Developing & promoting an image of customer service excellence.
  • Creating a unified company culture aimed at retaining and attracting the highest quality personnel.
  • Continuous improvement in the quality & scope of our products and services.
  • Achieving & sustaining growth in earning & building a solid profit margin to build on it for our future.

Training Mission

Better understanding for how to provide all customers with innovative training service

  • Be aware of personal and cultural perspectives
  • Develop a values-based approach to customer excellence
  • Become familiar with the professional acronym and know how to apply it in projects

Training Objectives

To excite your employees with training that is valuable, enjoyable, memorable and beneficial to the overall productivity and efficiency within your organization. Visualize each member of your staff reducing his or her wasted time; and improving their productivity. Multiply their productivity improvement with the number of professionals within your organization and the quality of performance your organization will realize financially and professionally leads to superior organization.

We Offer
High quality training.
Affordable pricing.
Convenient, flexible scheduling.
Bottom line results.

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